Who are we?

Native is a registered trademark of Frutas Montosa, a Spanish company that has set a new standard for worldwide avocado organisations. Its high specialization level allows Montosa to apply a unique selection process of the fruit, being able to guarantee the internal quality of the product.

Since the foundation of Frutas Montosa in 1982, every single person in the company has been working so hard with a clear goal: meet the highest standars of quality and service of the sector. That’s why our team is formed by specialists in a wide range of areas such as Quality Control, Logistics, Marketing, Handling Human Resources, Production, Innovation, Sales or Field Expertise..

Our growth has been based on the ability to adapt ourserlves to new market requirements, selecting our products from the fields and providing solutions just-in-time, using the most advanced technology. With that purpose, we decided to heavily invest on research and innovation so we are equipped with the latest technnology to be performance leaders in the field.

Learn more about us at www.frutasmontosa.com